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that 10 year AFD to your policy insure a car not in my name.  A nice way to help lower your premium. that 10 year AFD to your policy auto insurance company comparison.  A nice way to help lower your premium. I've been told that a vehicle’s title needs to be in your name to insure the car.

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She has her own car but insured under us her parents but listed as the primary driver. Car loan is under friend's name and the registration and insurance under my name?. I am a student have my g2 currently, i was wondering if i can have a car under my name, but my insurance under a family members name? insure a car not in my name ontario. _______________ RIBO LICENCED INSURANCE BROKER(ontario) -OVER 30 YRS OF EXPERIENCE does my insurance cover me on another car. around the home.

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When you add an owned by endorsement to your policy they will run car insurance quotes with a dui. I just got my car Title and Registration in the mail today. My name is not in the right order.?.

Car Insurance Comparison states that anyone added to the policy with a poor driving record will cause the insurance premiums to increase. Drivers under the age of 27 will also cause premiums to increase. Learn more about Vehicle Insurance. Can I get motorcycle insurance and car insurance through the same insurance company? can insure a car not in my name.

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If you have Rental Reimbursement coverage on your policy, you can only use it to rent a car if your personal vehicle on your policy is in the shop because of an accident first car insurance cheap. Rental coverage does not cover damage to a rental or damage caused while you're driving a rental. You could face problems submitting a claim if you have failed to tell your insurance company about the ownership change progressive insure a car not in my name. Or worse, the car insurance company could say you hid the change as a scheme to get lower car insurance rates, which would qualify as insurance fraud and a reason for it to deny claims and cancel the policy. Color is not a factor used to calculate car insurance rates — we don't even ask you what color your car is when you get a quote from us.

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I've just been going through my car papers as my insurance is coming up for renewal, and have come across a bit of information which confuses me! In leaflet INS160 UK Registration Certificate Guidance Notes, it says under Section 1 multiple drivers on car insurance. Registered Keeper that "the registered keeper is NOT necessarily the legal owner of the vehicle" ...

.. (or) The person who receives the vehicle as a gift or prize." Now, the person who bought the vehicle, as in actually paid for it and signed the papers, is my dad.

So, does that mean I received the vehicle as a gift and make me the legal owner? There was never any written agreement to say so, as, well, it was from my dad! But it has always been my car. To add to the confusion, when we originally bought the car the dealership put my dad's name as the registered keeper. This was actually a mistake as he had asked for it to be in my name (I live with the parents so the address is the same), but we didn't get it changed at the time as we didn't think it really mattered. The insurance, however, was arranged with me as the policyholder and dad as a named driver.

Bit of a nasty shock  :o So we registered me as the keeper. (Still at the same address), and I continued with myself as the policyholder. Now, I'm looking closely at my policy and it says "you have told us that you have owned the car for approximately 4 years". This would be correct if you count me as owning the car from when we originally bought it.

Then again if you say I don't own the car at all as even though I'm the registered keeper, my dad originally paid for the car, it wouldn't even be legal for me to insure the car... or would it? Then again you could say dad doesn't own the car as he gave it to me, he's not the registered keeper any more and doesn't even drive it.

. in fact I was going to have them remove him as a named driver from the policy as he never drives it. So it wouldn't be legal for him to insure it either. contact your insurer to see if your policy covers you for driving other vehicles can i insure a car not in my name uk.

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Im sure lots of people change the registered keeper within the family and never mention it to the ins co but its worth making sure youre not invalidating your own cover. As for the manner in which you insure your other cars it looks fine, bigger problems arise if the insurance policy isnt in your daughters name as that could be classed as fronting but the ownership in this instance shouldnt be an issue as your all coming from the same address can i insure a car not registered in my name...